characteristic of our caviar

the japanese craftmanship

Clear taste, the finest technology of extracting Umami.
Perfect contrast in beautiful garnish, ruling passion to an egg.
gift caviar

manufacturing premise


  • ・Bred by exclusive food developed for Miyazaki sturgeon
  • ・Remove an acrid by authentic aging method

manufacturing method

  • ・Using flash freezing method for quality maintaining of our caviar. This method is less damage to eggs than Pasteurized caviar, so you can taste the original taste of caviar and flavor whenever you eat.
  • ・With very Japanese style careful handwork, it removes impurities one by one and produces a reasonably smooth finish to make it easy to taste "Umami".


  • ・Produced in the state-of-the-art facility.
  • ・With thorough IOT management, you can track profile of your caviar, such as what year the fry was born, which pond they came from, the mother’s number, the manufacturing lot, etc. We promise you “100% safe and secure food”.

product ranking

Ranked by fish and diameter of an egg.

White, Siberia, Russia and Bester
  • Premium:An egg diameter over 3.5mm
  • Regular:An egg diameter under 3.5mm

※ PB and OEM to be acceptable