Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer gift wrapping?? We have prepared a gift box so that you can use it just as it is.
Can I attach a Noshi or a message card? We offer a variety of noshi or message cards. Please feel free to request this when you order.
Can I specify the date and time of delivery? You can specify it at the time of purchase.
Can I return a product? "Due to the nature of the product, we do not accept returns.
We accept cancellations before shipping, but please note that we cannot cancel if the order has already been shipped when we receive your request.
Do you deliver to a delivery box? Yes, we do, but only room temperature items (cookies, curry and vodka).
Due to the nature of the product, caviar is not possible; so please specify a delivery date and time when you order.
How can I order? You can order on Amazon, Rakuten, or by phone or email.
How do I pay? It depends on the purchase method. Please check below.
  • Amazon:credit card, bank transfer, convenience store payment
  • Rakuten:credit card, bank transfer, convenience store payment, cash on delivery
  • Telephone: Bank transfer, cash on delivery
  • E-mail: bank transfer, cash on delivery
Can I buy in bulk? Yes, you can. Please feel free to contact us for more information.
What is the shelf life of the product after thawing? Once thawed, it has a shelf life of 7 days in its unopened state.
Consume as soon as possible after opening.