Japanese Craft Caviar

1983 J.CAVIAR is a brand of craft caviar born from Japanese sensibilities.
We have 16 farms in Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, a region of rich nature and farming villages,
We produce five species of sturgeon: white sturgeon, baeri, bestel, russian, and shortnose sturgeon,
The farms raise five species of sturgeon, including white sturgeon, baeri, bestel, rosia, and white sturgeon, using clean underground water and healthy feed, as if they were raising their own children with love.

The fish eggs are carefully collected from the sturgeon at this wonderful farm,
After being fed only a small amount of rock salt, they are placed in a special bed for a comfortable sleep.
The eggs are then magically tasted without waking from their slumber,
We deliver the eggs to our customers at the ideal time, when their matured flavor has been fully extracted.
And we do it without using any preservatives or additives.
We use state-of-the-art technology to meet these stringent requirements throughout the year,
We began by designing and building a processing plant that maintains the cleanest possible environment.

Our passion for creation does not stop there.
We see caviar as "aged fish roe,
We are also taking on the challenge of mashing up caviar with the traditional culture that has been passed down in Japanese cuisine.
For example, our caviar is infused with the delicate minerals of kombu (kelp), the basis of Kyoto cuisine, to bring out new fish roe flavors.
Furthermore, caviar aged not only with rock salt but also with soy sauce, an ancient Japanese fermented soybean seasoning.
We are working with the best chefs in Japan to create a completely new type of caviar that has never before existed in the world.

Our origins can be traced back to 1983, when Russia, the home of caviar, donated 200 caviar to the Japanese government as a token of friendship,
The origin of our company can be traced back to 1983, when the Miyazaki Prefectural Fisheries Experiment Station introduced 200 Vestel caviar donated by Russia, the home of caviar, to the Japanese government as a token of friendship.
We consider 1983 as the first year of caviar in Japan, and we are grateful and proud to bear the name of our brand.
In 2013, we introduced our first product, Miyazaki Caviar 1983, and three years later,
Three years later, it was honored to be used at the G7 Ise-Shima Summit, where it was served to VIPs visiting Japan.
Today, as Japan's representative caviar brand, it is sold at three-star restaurants in Japan, as well as in New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and other cities,
Our caviar is now being used in three-star restaurants in Japan, as well as in New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and other foreign countries.

We at 1983 J. Caviar want to create harmony with cultures around the world through our caviar.
We also want to bring caviar to the tables of many more people, not just a few.
With these wishes in mind, we will continue to earnestly confront the universe of caviar, a single piece of which radiates a beautiful radiance.
We will continue to work diligently with this beautifully glowing piece of caviar, the fruit of challenge and creativity, for your happy plate of caviar.



Sturgeons first arrived in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1983.
30 years later, in 2013, Japan's only authentic aged caviar, “Miyazaki Caviar 1983” was created in Miyazaki.

  1. 1983年

    The Miyazaki Prefectural Fisheries Research Institute received Bester sturgeon certified by the Fisheries Agency

  2. 1988年

    The Miyazaki Prefectural Fisheries Research Institute produced the first caviar from sturgeon raised in Miyazaki

  3. 1991年

    The Miyazaki Prefectural Fisheries Research Institute succeeded in one of the very first artificial hatching of Bester sturgeon

  4. 2004年

    Succeeded in recreating the complete production cycle of white sturgeon
    White sturgeon farming started in the private sector

  5. 2011年

    Established a hatching technology for white sturgeon (Stable production system of 50,000 seedlings per year)

  6. 2013年

    Foundation of Miyazaki Caviar Business Cooperative
    First MIYAZAKI CAVIAR 1983 for sale

  7. 2016年

    MIYAZAKI CAVIAR 1983 served at the 42nd G7 Ise-Shima summit
    Becomes JAPAN CAVIAR, Inc.
    Construction of our head office and the processing and production plant, relocation of the main store

  8. 2017年

    First export to Hong Kong as Japanese caviar
    Received the highest award at the Japan Gift Award
    First export to Taiwan as Japanese caviar
  9. 2019年

    HACCP certification
    Full scale exports start to the USA