OEM/ODM Production

We handle everything from creating your original label caviar to full-scale OEM/ODM development.

We produce caviar with rigorous standards in one of the largest specialized processing facilities in Japan.
We provide everything from product development and manufacturing to stocking and distribution.

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Processing facilities

We manufacture products in a cleanroom equipped with the latest facilities and IT technology following strict hygiene standards.
Our individual management of sturgeon, the raw material of caviar, is optimised to create safe high-quality caviar.


Product development

  • Consulting

    Ask us about the product you want.

  • Meeting

    Tell us your product concept and ideas so that we can discuss the best way for you to outsource manufacturing.

  • Review and proposal

    We review the product plan and propose our OEM/ODM services tailored to your needs.

  • Sample production

    We develop your product experimentally according to the product plan.

  • Meeting about product specifications

    Discuss and decide detailed product specifications.

  • Purchase order

    After mutual agreement on the product specifications, the contract is signed and your order can be placed.

  • Production

    We manufacture your products.

  • Delivery

    We will deliver your products to your delivery address on the agreed delivery date.

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