•  J.CAVIAR 1983 Monaco
  • J.CAVIAR 1983 Monaco
  • モナコ公国 国章
  • J.CAVIAR 1983 Monaco
  • J.CAVIAR 1983 Monaco
  • モナコ公国 国章

Official purveyor of caviar to the Palace of Monaco

Our flagship caviar is made from the finest crystal class Ossetra and White Sturgeon.
The package features the coat of arms of Monaco, the hallmark of the royal warrant of appointment.



Coat of arms of Monaco

The shield in the middle is adorned with red and white lozenges; a variation of the national flag of the Principality of Monaco.
The origin of this motif is the shield of François Grimaldi, founder of the House of Grimaldi, who invaded imperialist-occupied Monaco leading an army disguised as Franciscan friars.


Fish species Russian sturgeon or White sturgeon
Roe diameter 3.3 mm or more
Maturation period 60 days or longer
Salinity Approx. 3.0%
Material Russian sturgeon or white sturgeon (both produced in Miyazaki), salt


* Packaging, specifications and appearance of products are subject to change without notice.

Cat. No. Net Weight Package type Best before Price  
MCMO20 20g Glass jar 150 days if frozen
7 days if chilled