Special limited edition large roe fresh caviar. Only 20% meets this criteria.

Freshly harvested white sturgeon roe delicately seasoned with only rock salt and then matured.
Only 20% of all caviar meets the criteria for large roe. Enjoy its distinctive Umami taste with no additives, just the original flavour of caviar.

The colour of caviar varies from black to grey or olive. A pure and well balanced taste is characteristic.
The Umami taste increases with maturity giving a mellow fragrance of the sea and a creamy long finish.

* Large roe caviar served at the 42nd G7 Ise-Shima summit.
* Despite our strict classification of roe diameter before maturation, smaller roe may be found due to change in size or shape.
Fish species White sturgeon
Roe diameter 3.3 mm or more
Maturation period 90 days or longer
Salinity Approx. 3.0%
Material White sturgeon (both produced in Miyazaki), salt


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Cat. No. Net Weight Package type Best before Price  
MCWP12 12g Glass jar 150 days if frozen
7 days if chilled
MCWP20 20g Glass jar 150 days if frozen
7 days if chilled