Specially aged, limited edition fully matured caviar. The choicest 1% of all caviar.

Large roe fresh caviar made from white sturgeon and aged for more than five months – the very best of MIYAZAKI CAVIAR rigorously selected by our caviar masters.

Like meat or wine, the longer caviar matures, the more amino acids it has and the richer and fuller the flavour becomes. We have succeeded in maximizing its Umami and its distinctive rich flavour thanks to a long maturation period of more than five months.

* Despite our strict classification of roe diameter before maturation, smaller roe may be found due to change in size or shape.
Fish species White sturgeon
Roe diameter 3.3 mm or more
Maturation period 5 months or more
Salinity Approx. 3.0%
Material White sturgeon (both produced in Miyazaki), salt


* Packaging, specifications and appearance of products are subject to change without notice.

Cat. No. Net Weight Package type Best before Price  
MCWC20 20g Glass jar 150 days if frozen
7 days if chilled