MIYAZAKI CAVIAR 1983 (12g) & Blinis Set

12g of caviar, blinis, unsalted butter and a mother of pearl caviar spoon.

The combination of caviar with blinis flavoured with rare Hyuganatsu citrus, spinach, onions or buckwheat flour, with unsalted butter, is excellent.
The perfect gift for those new to caviar.

Set includes:

Caviar 12g, 2 each of 4 colourful blinis (Hyuganatsu, spinach, onions, buckwheat flour), unsalted butter (Takachiho brand, Kyushu) 8g, gift box, a mother of pearl caviar spoon




  • The same set is served to first class passengers on international flights.
  • Ready to enjoy.
  • Ideal for first time caviar tasters or as a gift.
  • Maturation has been stopped at the perfect moment. Enjoy the very best tasting caviar.




Fish species Siberian sturgeon
Roe diameter Less than 3 mm
Maturation period 60 days or longer
Salinity Approx. 3.0%
Material Caviar: Siberian sturgeon roe (produced in Miyazaki), salt / Blinis: egg white (produced in Japan), flour, milk, olive oil, rice flour, buckwheat flour, sugar, onion powder, Hyuganatsu (citrus) juice, spinach powder, salt, dextrin, leavening agent, food colouring (red No.102, yellow No.4) / Butter: Raw milk


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Cat. No. Net Weight Package type Best before Price  
G12B 12g Glass jar 150 days if frozen
7 days if chilled